Al-Hamra Rules

Welcome to Al-Hamra Oasis Village Compound.

We wish you a very happy and pleasant time with us, where we would like to inform you that the management

and staff are here to assist you in every way.


We are a multinational residential compound, where the guidelines listed below are in effect to help towards promoting the best quality lifestyle for all of our

residents. Furthermore, the safety and well being of our residents is paramount, where many of the guidelines listed below are generated from previous experience

aiming for constant improvement to the compound’s lifestyle.


Should you have any suggestions yourself or require further assistance with any matter please do not hesitate to contact Al-Hamra Management for information

and further discussion.



1.Speed Limit, Safety and Visitors Policy


The speed limit on the compound is 20 kmph; worth mentioning that speaking on your mobile phone while driving increase dramatically the hazard to our kids playing around. Additionally, Please note that unless you hold a valid driving license, it is illegal to drive anywhere in the Kingdom. This rule applies on the Compound’s premise where the vehicle owner will be held 100% responsible in the event of an accident.

Residents have to accompany their guests at ALL times and they are directly responsible for their wellbeing and behavior. If you are expecting four or more guests then a written list needs to be forwarded to security at least 24 hrs in advance.


2.Dress Code

AOVC has a strict “western dress” policy, where Local Thob / Abaya are not allowed in all public areas. Additionally, only proper swimwear is allowed when using the pool facilities.

Furthermore, drivers wearing “Saudi dress” must stay in their vehicle and not wander around.

Please remind your guests of this policy.


3.Non Residents Vehicles (Guests)

Cars driven by guests accompanied their family are welcome to Al-Hamra compound when security has been informed prior to their arrival. Furthermore, drivers

are allowed for pick-up, they are requested to leave the premises right after a drop-off and can use the car park outside the main gate. Teenage guests are not

allowed to bring their vehicles inside the compound. Also,

Outside limousines and food delivery vehicles are not allowed entrance to the compound for security purposes.


4.Children and Teenagers

The curfew time for all children and teenagers is 10:00pm unless they are in the company of an adult. Security staff are instructed to monitor this, where any children found wandering around the compound after this time will be asked to return to their respective homes. Children are not allowed to leave the compound unattended without written approval from their parents. The letter is expected to be by writing and submitted to the management, where security will be informed and a copy will be held in the file. Additionally, The limit for teenage guests is 1 per child with a maximum of two per villa.

Furthermore, Children must behave and follow the instructions of the bus monitor on all school buses, failure to follow instructions or rudeness to the monitor will result in your child being excluded from the bus.

In addition to that, and for safety purposes, teenagers from (12 to 16) years old can use the fitness room only if accompanied by one of their parents.


5.Al-Hamra Facilities and Family visitors

The main recreation facilities are for residents use only. Non residents are not allowed to use the main recreation center facilities, where recreation staff and management discretion will be applied at all times. Also,NO GUESTS ARE ALLOWED TO USE THE MAIN POOL AREA DURING WEEKENDS.


Should you have family members staying from outside for an extended period of time, they can be registered as temporary residents, where the appropriate form for this is located in the information package or could be obtained from the main office.


6.Shopping / School Busses

Shopping Busses depart to the listed destination as per the weekly schedule only; do not ask the driver to take you somewhere else, he is not entitled to do so.

Shopping buses cannot wait for anyone after the stated pick up time, if you are late for the bus then we are sorry but you will have to make your own way back to AOVC. This rule is critical as the buses must get back in order to go and pick up children from the schools.


7.Storing Items and Water Conservation

Please do not store any items outside your villa (such as mops and brushes etc) and please do not hang laundry on balconies and hedges.

Additionally, Hosepipes are not to be used to clean vehicles or wash footpaths and patio areas. Anyone seen using hosepipes for these activities face a possible fine of SR 500.


9. Outside Contractors

Residents requiring service by outside contractors will be asked to take permission and coordinate with the maintenance department, where the works accomplished by these contractors should be supervised by the maintenance department as well, and during their operating hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm in winter time and 8:00am to 6:00pm in summer time.


10.Pets Policy

It is the owner’s responsibility to clean up while walking out the dog; people found not picking up after their pets will face a fine of up to SR 500 and may be asked to remove them from the compound.

Dogs must be kept on a leash and under control at all times. Animals that are not kept under control will have to be removed from the compound. Furthermore, No pets are allowed by the swimming pools or inside the recreation facilities. Unattended animals will be removed from the compound. Also, any cats found without collars will be removed by pest control. Finally, do no dump cat litter outside your back door, it needs to be placed in a sealed bag and marked clearly.


11.Notification of Absence

In the case that any of our residents will be absent from their unit for more than 5 days, resulting in the unit being vacant, we will kindly ask you to fill in the notification of absence form found in the management office or in your welcoming folder in order for the management to undertake the necessary security and safety precautions during this absence as well as to comply with the insurance company requirements. Furthermore, and in this case, we kindly ask you to ensure water heater supply valves and all electric switches are turned off.



Reception is the information center of the compound and is manned 24 hours 7 days per week. Please dial 0 for assistance should you happen to need any help when you don’t know who to contact. Furthermore, The compound staff is here to help you in any way that they can but they have to follow the rules laid out by management. If you have a problem with any member of staff please get in touch with compound management immediately and we will deal with the issue



As with reception, security is a 24 hours 7 days per week service operating solely for the interest of safety of all of our residents. Regular checks are carried out both inside and outside the compound in addition vehicles and empty units control at the absence of any resident.